Shopkins World Vacation With Shopkins


Come join the Shopkins on a world tour! As you travel around the globe, collect souvenirs from the vacation spots you visit in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. You can use Airport spaces to quickly fly to new destinations, but watch out for lost luggage and flight delays that can slow you down. There is one special Golden Ticket in the game that will allow you to collect souvenirs even faster. The first player to return home with four souvenirs (one from each vacation spot) wins the game. Game includes 4 Shopkins collectibles (2 of the 4 are exclusive to this game). For 2 to 4 players, ages 4 and up.

Game Includes:

  • Includes 4 Shopkins collectibles with two of them being exclusive to this game
  • Travel the world collecting souvenirs
  • Get the special Golden Ticket to collect souvenirs faster
  • Be the first to return home with four souvenirs to win


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  • Age
    5 years and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 4

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