Your Worst Nightmare


Product Description:
Are you afraid of Monsters? Clowns? Oversleeping? Are you ready to face . . . (cue scary music!) Your Worst Nightmare? This is the first-ever card game that’s creepy and fun and designed to help people face their fears. To make this game, we carefully researched the things that scare people the most. Things like Flying, Death, Public Speaking, and Family Reunions. It includes 300 beautifully photographed Fear Cards that depict the scariest, and the funniest, fears you’ve ever seen or experienced. Up to four people can play at once—the winner is the first player to score (you guessed it) 13 points by correctly ranking the fears of the other players. You’ll discover entirely new aspects of your friends, family—even your significant other–that you didn’t even know existed. But best of all, Your Worse Nightmare spurs great conversations that help people start the process of facing their fears—because acknowledging and talking about fears is the first step to overcoming them. It’s the card game that turns fear into fun!
For 2 to 4 players. Ages 12 and up.

Game Contents:

  • 300 Fear Cards
  • 4 Wipe-off Pens
  • 4 Scarecards
  • Complete Instructions


  • First-ever card game that’ll make you want to face your fears.
  • Game features 300 beautifully photographed Fear Cards, ranging from horrifying to hilarious.
  • Easy game instructions. Learn how to play within two minutes.
  • Inspires hours of conversation as players share what really scares them, and why.
  • A great ice-breaking activity. Also great for friends, family, and couples.

Turn Fear Into Fun!
Your Worse Nightmare features the world’s scariest nightmares, ranging from blood-curdling to no big deal. But the real challenge is to figure out how your fellow players will rank their fears. Who among you is afraid of Failure? Germs? Bad Poetry? After each round, all players discuss their fears, which is the first step to overcoming them. This game can inspire hours of conversation as you play through the Fear Cards and share what really makes you tick. Plus, with 300 Fear Cards and endless combinations, this game never gets old (which is another fear, of course, the Fear of Aging).

How to Master Your Worst Nightmare
Start the game by shuffling the stack of Fear Cards and flipping over the top four. Place them face-up for everyone to see. Then secretly rank the cards in the order of what scares you the most, from 1 (the scariest) to 4 (the least scary). After jotting down your own fears, select another player to rank. Afterwards, players take turns reading their rankings. Each fear you correctly ranked earns you one point. And guessing all four fears correctly earns a bonus point. After everyone has had a turn, play starts over with four more Fear Cards. Players choose who they want to rank, but they have to rank each other player at least once. Play continues until someone reaches 13 points and wins the game!

Watch this quick video to learn how to play!


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  • Age
    18 years and older
  • Number of players:
    2 - 4

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